Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ole Doc Bell's Wizard Elixir

Ole Doc Bell's Wizard Elixir

The other day I was touring a property with a historic cabin. As with most vintage cabins open to tours, there were several vintage utensils and household items on the shelves. This bottle caught my eye and I liked the natural light.

It certainly looks like the typical medicinal elixir from a hundred years ago, such as Wine of Cardui. It turns out it's a (relatively) new product made to look old, although by now this bottle was quite dusty.

I can only find very little about this product, as they don't have a website. It looks like they make a variety of flavors but are not sold in stores. Instead, they only appear to sell at fairs and festivals, particularly ones that have a throwback theme. It looks like you buy from them an empty bottle with the label affixed to it and then fill it with the soda flavor of your choice. I have had a chance in the past to try a couple of small-time soda makers that run by this business model, such as Bayou Billy's or Old Texas Soda Co.

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