Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jones Soda Mousse a.k.a. Cream Soda

Jones Cream Soda

When I first saw this soda on the shelf at the local store, I saw the name Soda Mousse. My initial reaction was to think how those Jones Soda people always come up with the most unusual flavors and my palette was already imagining mousse in soda form.

But then, I realized I was looking at the French Canadian side of the label and this is really a cream soda. There is still a difference: Every other cream soda I've seen is usually a caramel / brown color, and as you can see this one is as clear as water. That must mean it's going to taste different, too.

And it did! Not only that, I thought it tasted like a Mousse soda, just as I originally had envisioned it. While I like the flavor, it might be a little too sweet for me to drink much of it. I have since learned that cream sodas can quite often be clear in color, but the ones I see most often, A&W and IBC aren't.

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