Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dr. Enuf and Cherry Herbal Dr. Enuf in Glass Bottles

Dr. Enuf and Cherry Dr. Enuf

The Dr. Enuf product line is from Tri-Cities Beverages in Johnson City, TN. The original flavor is actually a clear liquid and is not a Dr. Pepper type clone, but more of a lemon-lime type beverage. It's marketed as having a bunch of extra vitamins in it to make you feel better with a slogan of "Enuf is Enough."

While it is most common to find in northeast Tennessee, for a short while when I was in college, our university bookstore carried it in the mid 90's. I wish I had save the bottle from back then, but it came with a little booklet tied to the neck of the bottle describing all the curative properties of the drink as if were an 1890 miracle elixir.

The taste: Imagine a sprite or 7up with a couple of multi-vitamins dissolved in it. I guess that would make you feel better but I didn't really care for the taste. As I wrote on my blog about 7 years ago, "after one sip, you'll say "Enuf'" A few months later, someone commented on my blog to say I should go out and try the Herbal Cherry flavor as it wasn't so vitaminy. Indeed, it is better but still has a vitamin taste to it.

Today, the drink is marketed as an energy drink from before there were energy drinks. Unlike most lemon-lime type beverages, it does have caffeine. Of course, it has thiamine and niacin as well. Both flavors come in a diet version, too. I bought these at the Sycamore Drive-in in Elizabethton, TN.

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